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Building a 1000HP Camaro in 21 DAYS!? We got the FIRST Chevrolet Performance ZZ632/1000 Big Block!

Big thanks to Chevrolet Performance! http://www.chevysema.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/ChevroletPerformance/

Chevrolet Performance gave us 2 beautiful gifts and 1 BIG challenge. 1st gift? The FIRST and ONLY ZZ632/1000 Big Block Crate engine available right now! This thing chops like hell and makes a little over 1,000hp on PUMP GAS, wild! We managed to scumbag them into giving us their 1 of 1 prototype while the production models are being made for everyone else but don’t worry, they’ll be available soon. The 2nd gift? A ridiculously clean 3rd generation Z28 Camaro! It was in Chevrolet engineering’s private dungeon as a developmental car for decades, and now it’s at the Tire Slayer Studios Scumbag Torture Chamber for a little development of our own. We have a fresh car, a fresh motor and 21 days to get this build done for #SEMA in Las Vegas. We aren’t sure if it’s better or worse that the whole gang helps Suppy or not but let’s see how it goes, enjoy!

Thanks to Gear Wrench! https://www.gearwrench.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/gearwrenchtools/

Thanks to Hawk Performance! https://www.hawkperformance.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/hawkperformance/

Thanks to K\u0026N Filters! https://www.knfilters.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/knfilters/

Thanks to Steel-It! https://steel-it.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/steelitcoatings/

Thanks to Thermo-Tec! https://www.thermotec.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/thermotec/

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Yanuar dhana : that's engine was announced this day, and that boys get early, yeah another great project car :D
Gitsum : Watching the mayhem of disassembling this F-body, I can completely understand why anybody at GM might’ve been upset about Hoonigan getting this car.
Alex Bliss : Finally someone realized what we’ve only ever wanted to watch on YouTube, full builds in a few episodes. Thanks Hoonies
Lexus Off-Road Adventures : Well this is an unexpected but totally welcome surprise build. Let’s gooo
Andrew Lang : I’ll say it now, Hoonigan has the best editors and hosts on YT. Quality every time. Totally unexpected build, but very welcomed.

850 hp All Motor Chevelle with 632 Cubic Inches of Hell | 10 Liter V8!

With a 10 liter Naturally aspirated v8 this chevelle cooks! Tony kept this one looking simple and clean but there is a lot going on here, 850 hp is no joke. So sit back and enjoy the ride...

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Edited by Kyle Simon:

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Epidemic sound - https://www.epidemicsound.com

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S. D. : I respect the owner's "DOWN TO EARTH" attitude. A real "car guy".
Ninja fit : I love how the driver does not hold back straight balls to the wall!
Mr84ttop : That is one Badass Chevelle! The look,stance,and the sound is simply amazing!
TheNitroG1 : This car's idle sounds like it's getting ready to play "hot for teacher"
Luis C : Anyone calling their car “The Beast” can stop now. This car Roars!! Simple yet effective!! Great video bro.

Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 632

Become a paid channel member of YMH to experience an AD-FREE version of the show here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYIgiXwJck_Pb5Nj-wIrsqg/join

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The jeans are getting pulled completely over your head this week with Tom Segura and Christina P! Now that J Nadav is C Patty, the main mommies try to teach him about Christmas and what it's all about. We open with a clip from a certified marine screaming into the abyss and really annoying his roommate. Tom and Christina share stories of all the crazy ways their kids are trying to ruin their house, share Joe Rogan's reaction to poutine, and get a neat new update on Norm Summerton! Christina reviews the dumbest holiday movie of all time "The Holiday" starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Jude Law. That gets the mommies to debate who would be a better lover between Jude and Cameron. We look into Jude Law's personal life and how he can afford all 6 of his kids and girlfriends/mistresses. Christina goes over how divorces ruin wealth which makes them go over all their possible divorce strategies, and the booth boys revel Christina and Bert Kreischer are pretty much the same person, which makes Tom the fun beacon. We watch a super cool post-race NASCAR interview with Kyle Busch, come up with possibly the best name for Christina's new Netflix special, and Tom shares a recording of Christina and Bitsy snoring together. ChrisJeansa shares an article of a man who killed his wife with cobras, which got the main mommies into clever ways to get rid of your spouse in different regions! How would they make the YMH staff disappear? And then, we wrap up with a wholesome batch of Christina's curated TikToks.

Dizzy Nixx : I absolutely love when Tim impersonates his son, its the BEST
Sean Stone : We absolutely NEED a supercut of Tom talking about his kids
C. Spartacus : I’d like to see a “Nadivity” Scene, with Nadiv as the baby J
nhrideordie : Christina “I’m nothing like Bert.”

2 minutes later Christina and sunglasses “It’s so cool. Like night time when it’s not. It’s night time in your own face.”

Tom “Uh…yeah”
Joshua Dodd : Can we please get a wife swap for a week Bert and Tom? I think this would be hilarious!!




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